June 3, 2015

Environmental & Water Engineering


A lack of clean water and environmental degradation are acute problems in Asia – a region home to more than half of the world population, many of whom live in crowded urban spaces. This presents vast opportunities for the environment and water industries to address and serve these needs in Asia.

Singapore has come a long way since its water rationing days in the 1960s. Faced with the challenge of water scarcity, Singapore has been motivated to constantly innovate and develop new water management and treatment technologies such as water reclamation and seawater desalination. Over the last four decades, Singapore has established a sustainable water supply from diversified sources known as the Four National Taps – water from local catchment areas, imported water, reclaimed water (NEWater) and desalinated water. In tandem, Singapore has also made significant progress in providing clean air, clean and land for its citizens. Technologies have been developed and put in place to minimise and monitor air pollution around the city-state. At the same time, Singapore has promoted energy efficiency and conservation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to help mitigate climate change. Singapore has also established an integrated solid waste management system to collect, treat, and dispose of waste on the premise that waste is a valuable resource. Alongside these developments, an innovative and sustainable environment and water industry has flourished.

With a growing emphasis on water and the environment worldwide, Singapore is well positioned to take global leadership as an innovator and provider of solutions in this industry.