June 17, 2021


Digitalization is a growing movement to leverage technologies, especially software, to fundamentally change how businesses are run, creating new businesses and potentially entirely transforming a business. Digital includes 5 different engineering disciplines:

* Software engineering (SWE)

Software engineering is a discipline that applies engineering principles and approaches to developing software. Activities in software engineering include requirements engineering, programming, test engineering and maintenance. 

* Site reliability engineering (SRE)

Site reliability engineering is a discipline that applies software engineering approaches to infrastructure and operations.

* Cybersecurity (CSE)

Cybersecurity is a discipline that focuses on the protection of computer systems and networks from data disclosure, theft, damage or disruption of services.

* Computer engineering (CEG)

Computer engineering is a discipline that integrates software and electronics engineering to develop computer hardware and software.

* Data science and artificial intelligence (DSAI)

Data science is a discipline that uses multiple scientific methods, processes and algorithms to extract insight from structured and unstructured data, and apply it for multiple domains. Data science is often associated with artificial intelligence, which is a closely related field that uses software algorithms to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, for example visual perception, speech recognition, decision making etc.